Theory of Constraints

PSGS 022: Expert Interview with Gerry Kendall

Gerald Kendall

Today we have with us Gerry Kendall. Gerry is a recognized world expert at strategic planning, Theory of Constraints (TOC) and project portfolio management, with extensive implementation experience. His clients span the globe, including engagements in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, Europe, the United States and Canada. Gerry is married to his lovely wife, Jackie. They share 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

Gerry's latest book, "Advanced Multi-Project Management," provides the detailed proven road map for getting major improvement in delivering a project portfolio on time, on budget and within scope. His "Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO" is the top-selling book in the PMO and Project Portfolio Management space.

Gerry also authored a chapter on "Project Portfolio Management for the American Management Association Handbook of Project Management, 2nd Edition," and a chapter on Critical Chain in Dr. Harold Kerzner's book, "Project Management, A System's Approach, 8th edition." The new TOC Handbook highlights Gerry's chapter on TOC Strategy and Tactics application.


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PSGS 008: Variability Is A Fact Of Life

Insurance_checklistHow do you manage life’s daily unpredictable events in your health, travel, home, life or car? Can you foretell when you will need your health insurance to cover an issue that you did not plan for and are not prepared to cover? What about an issue with your home or car? How much would it cost you to self insure and cover an incident on your home, car or your health? Would you consider it wise to use your emergency funds and retirement saving as your personal insurance policy? Yet many executive and senior managers ask their execution teams to protect the variability of every task and milestone and deliver each one on time so that the entire project will be delivered on time and on budget.

We all purchase insurance to protect against the variability that is a fact of life. When life happens - and it happens to everyone - aren’t you glad during those times that you were smart enough to listen to that inner voice and buy the insurance policy that you knew would protect you and your assets from the unknown? Think about it this way.

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PSGS 005: How Buffer Management Improves Project Performance and Can Immunize You From Variability

  Buffer Management

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Variability is a fact of life!

The first image in this post is from an actual project that I managed using Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and the ProChain add-on. This was also my first time using Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) instead of the normal critical path methodology that is common in the market today.

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