PofE 068: How to Improve Your Organization's PPM Maturity Level

The essence of an IT strategic plan is to align the IT department with the organization’s strategic intent, vision and business objectives in concert with the senior executive team. The goal is to develop a road map of initiatives and activities that will enable the organization to achieve the vision, and optimize the IT resource capability to deliver on the promised benefits and outcomes needed to accomplish the firm’s mission. The purpose of this webinar is to review the maturity levels of an organization’s Project Portfolio Management practice that will help the firm accomplish this mission.

PofE 066: PPM Tips and Techniques

PM Tools PMIWDC Workshop

Research has shown that top performing organizations that practice project portfolio management (PPM) and IT Governance have a 40% greater return on IT investments than their competitors. During this presentation, the speaker will cover tips and techniques such as: 

  • How to develop a shared vision
  • Portfolio optimization practices that work 
  • How to categorize your PPM inventory 
  • Understanding the difference between portfolio, program and project management
  • How risk management impacts your PPM environment 
  • What top 3 soft skills must PPM managers develop 
  • PPM Governance - What framework are you using? 

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PofE 065: The Value of Portfolio Management

FOSE 2014 PMI Portfolio Management Presentation

High-performing organizations achieve results by utilizing portfolio management to select the right projects at the right time with the right resources based on a data-driven selection methodology. Portfolio management adds value to an organization’s bottom line by optimizing the organization’s capacity and capabilities to meet the demands of an ever changing market and technology trends. It does this by providing insight and global visibility of the organization's approved set of strategic criteria against a backdrop of organizational constraints. This presentation provides a few of the value creation processes that implementing a best in class portfolio management solution can provide to your organization.


PofE 064: Benjamin Graham - The Father of Value Investing

Business-ConceptPrinciples of Value Investing

Background and Challenges:

In 1894, Benjamin Graham was born in London, England as Benjamin Grossbaum. His family moved to New York City when Benjamin was one. He grew up in poverty living in New York, but he used this experience to propel him to become a great student and lifelong learner. Benjamin’s hard work and study habits helped him win a scholarship to the prestigious Columbia University in New York City. It was also around this time that Benjamin Grossbaum changed his name to Benjamin Graham so that he would fit with the Wall Street community in which he would eventually dominate.

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