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PofE 062: Rudy Giuliani – The Ideal Composite Risk Management Advisor

Risk-management-concept-arrow"Do not fear to step into the unknown, for where there is risk, there is also reward." -Lori Hard

Background and Challenges:

  • His father, Harold, worked for his brother’s mob-connected loan sharking business.
  • To get his family away from the mob-connections, Harold moved them to Long Island and instilled a deep respect for authority, order and personal property.

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PofE 061: Tony Dungy - Team Building Principles

Building A Super Bowl Caliber Team Team-Building-and-Coaching Flow

"Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity." -Vince Lombardi

Background and Challenges:

  • Tony Dungy started his football career as a quarterback at the University of Minnesota and was later signed as a free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a defensive back.
  • His contributions helped lead to the implementation of the Rooney Rule, requiring teams to interview minority coaches. Many of the coaches who worked under him have gone on to coach their own teams, including Lovie Smith, whom his Colts defeated in Super Bowl XLI.

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