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PofE 036: Book Review - Understanding Michael Porter - Joan Magretta

Understanding Michael Porter


  • The premise of the book, "Understanding Michael Porter" is that clear strategic thinking is essential for managers at all levels of an organization. This essential guide provides the foundation for understanding the basic principles of competition and strategy and establishes a framework in which Michael Porter's writings are easier to digest than his original texts. A direct quote from the book states that, "Strategy is not fast food." The essence of strategy is not only choosing what to do, but also choosing what not to do.

What I learned:

  • The key to competitive strategy rests on an organization's ability to create unique value and to be uniquely focused on creating value that customers understand within the structure of their industry and your company’s relative position.
  • Good strategy helps explain how an organization in the face of competition will accomplish superior performance and greater profits.

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PofE 035: Book Review - Strategy for You - Rich Horwath

Strategy for You


  • The premise of “Strategy for You” is that strategy is a bridge for going from where you are today to where you want  to go tomorrow in your personal and professional life. Strategy is a bridge that spans over the challenges and obstacles you will face from going from
    point A to point B.

What I learned:

  • Strategy is a plan for using your personal resources, managing your time, identifying which talents you want to invest in and how you want to use your finances to accomplish your goals. This is the goal of developing a personal strategy.

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PofE 034: Book Review - Mind Mapping - Michael Gelb

Mind Mapping


Mind mapping is a brain storming technique based on word association with keywords such as family, democracy, revolution and others that trigger other words, thoughts and ideas. This is basically how the mind works as we think of ideas and brainstorm concepts. Mind mapping is a process for unlocking our individual genius and enhancing the way we naturally think.


What I learned:

  • You can think faster and more creatively using mind mapping. It allows you to capture ideas the way your mind naturally thinks.

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