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PofE 040: 42 Apps for iPhone That Will Increase Your Productivity - Part 1 of 4


"Innovation is the creation of the new, or the rearranging of the old in a new way." -Mike Vance

Most of my career I've used Microsoft products (Project, Project Server, SQL and SharePoint). I love technology. I use the Apple iPhone for my smart phone device. What I love about the apps for the iPhone is the impact they can have on your effectiveness and efficiency. I’ve had a number of friends asked about the applications I use to increase my productivity. I then show them the app and how I use it to reduce errands and automate a personal task. After receiving a number of these requests I decided to create a series of posts that explains which apps are my favorite and have had the greatest impact on my throughput.

This week I'm starting a four part series that covers mobile apps that have increased my efficiency and reduce my time and cost. I hope that you will gain insight into how you can increase your productivity using one or more of these applications listed below.

  1. Amazon: I use the Amazon mobile app as I travel throughout my day going to meetings, client visits and running errands to help me capture books I discover that I’m interested in reading and add them to my wish list. I like to check out what others are reading and what books they have on their bookshelf. I'm able to type in the name of the book and add it to my wish list or order the book from Amazon right then and there. This app allows me to capture a number of books and enter them once without having to log in from my laptop. 

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