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PofE 026: A Discussion With Gerald Kendall On Risk Management


"Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown." -George Shinn

Gerald Kendall and Kathleen Austin's book "Advanced Multi-Project Management" confronts the critical reason why projects fail and why, according to the Standish Group, project success is not improving. This book addresses the key concerns that senior management has with implementing the right projects at the right time with the right resources to take advantage of a strategic opportunity while at the same time providing guidance to the organization's program managers who are overworked and fighting for resources to complete the project that they already have under way.  The book highlights key processes required to control the flow of active projects, develop a correct project network, implement a strategic buffer, establish a single project priority system, enable faster execution and provide a consistent methodology for recovering projects to ensure investment benefits are achieved.


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PofE 025: Father's Day Post: My Father’s Work Ethic


“By these things examine thyself. By whose rules am I acting; in whose name; in whose glory? What faith, humility, self-denial, and love of God and to man have there been in all my actions?” –Jackie Mason

At my father’s funeral, his brother in-law Rev. Reed, who leads a church in Baltimore, preached his eulogy. After listening to the sharing from family and friends, dad's golfing buddies, and others, Rev. Reed stated that someone should write a book about an ordinary, hard-working man who raised an extraordinary family. My uncle, Samuel Jackson, called my father “one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known.” He was amazed at the level of strength my dad had and could not understand how someone could work so hard and provide so much. You see, my dad and mom took care of my cousins with the six of us during the summers when we were teenagers.

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