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Michael Hannan. PMP

Author: Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

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"I have no doubt that anyone taking Leonard's Portfolio Management course will receive huge benefit. The material is organized logically, and sequenced in a way that compels understanding and learning throughout. The concepts are presented with clarity and precision. Tools for decision making and managing are imbedded in all aspects of Portfolio Management. No one involved in managing a portfolio of projects should miss the opportunity to learn from an expert.

Gerald Kendall, PMP, Author, Advanced Project Portfolio Management & the PMO."

"Gerald Leonard has taken a bold first step into an area long neglected. He breaks portfolio management down into manageable chunks and brings clarity to a practice the desperately needs it. Gerald's work examines the totality of portfolio perspectives, from the executive suite to the project manager, and acknowledges the roles of the disparate players across the enterprise. His materials thoughtfully examine not only the theory of portfolio management, but also the practical day-to-day of ensuring consistency of strategy and approach. Definitely worth your consideration."

Carl Pritchard, PMP, PMI-RMP, EVP, author of 7 Project Management texts and the U.S. Correspondent for Project Manager Today (UK).

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